Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cable Twist Shortie Pattern

My lastest inspiration from researching and modifying two patterns. I found these to be fun and quite easy to make.

Just a note: I've added some notations here for someone who might be a beginner with the Magic Loop. Personally, when I was learning this method, I found any additional notes very helpful.

Magic Loop method used
Materials: 1-2 skeins of fingering weight yarn I used Risata from Knitpicks and got away with 1
Needles: Size 3 - 3.25mm to give you 7sts per inch or whatever size needles to reach this gauge
Split stitch makers and tapestry needle

ROW 1; *LT, K3, P2* repeat around
ROW 2; and all even rows, *K5, P2*, around
ROW 3; *K1, LT, K2, P2* repeat around
ROW 5; *K2, LT, K1, P2*, repeat around
ROW 7; *K3, LT, P2* repeat around

Repeat these eight rows for pattern
Left Twist(LT): K second stitch on left-hand needle through the back loop. Without slipping the st off the needle, slip first st purlwise onto right-hand needle, allowing the second st to slip off left-hand needle.

CO 56 st on circular needle and divide in half. Knit 1x1 ribbing for 4 rows, marking your first round. K 1 round.

Heel Flap: Done on 28 stitches:
Row 1: SL 1, K1, SL 1 K1 across 28 stitches, turn
Row 2: SL 1, P across, turn
Continue the Eye of Partridge heel flap for 2 1/2 " or 30 rows

Heel Turn:
Row 1: SL1, K15, K2 tog, K1, turn
Row 2: SL 1, P5, P2 tog, P1, turn
Continue until all stitches are completed and 16 sts remain

K across your heel stitches and pick up 18 sts along edge, place a marker, and start Row 1 of Cable Twist Pattern across your instep stitches. Then place a marker. Now pick up 18 sts along the other side. K 8 stitches from your heel and reposition your sock so that the needle points split at the beginning of your heel. Move your beginning marker, which should be facing you now, to the other side of sock.

Gussett Decreases:
K 1 round even, knitting through back loops of picked up sts. When you get to your instep you will K Row 2 of your pattern.

Now we'll start decreasing our gussett:
K to last 3 sts before marker, K2tog, K1, slip marker and continue across instep in pattern, turn to other side of sock and continue in pattern to second marker, K1, SSK and continue to across
remaining heel sts.

Next round: K evenly across, continuing in pattern for instep.
Continue in this manner until all decreases have been made you are not back to 56 st.

Now just continue knitting until your sock is 2" less than desired length, of course continuing in pattern sts for instep. Rest of sock is done in stockinette st. I made mine 7 1/4" long
and then started the toe decreases.

Toe Decreases: My preferred method, but feel free to use whatever you like best.

Round 1: K to last 3 sts, before marker, K2tog, K1, move marker
K1, SSK (beginning of your instep)
K to last 3 st. before marker, K2tog, K1, move marker (other side of instep)
K1, SSK, k to end (other side of heel)

K 3 even rounds

K 1 decrease round, followed by 2 even rounds (twice) 6 rounds
K 1 decrease round, followed by 1 even round (twice) 6 rounds
Work rest in decrease rounds until 8 sts remain total, 4 on each needle. Graft your toe with the Kitchener method.

Happy knitting to all who make these.

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