Thursday, September 4, 2008

Still here

Haven't had the chance to get on my blog lately.  My computer finally passed away.  It's been a long time coming.  So this past weekend, we got a new one, and we bought a Mac.  I'm just loving it right now, getting to know all the fun programs.

I'm still knitting everyday as often as I can.  I'm currently working on a piece for the shop.   Will post pics at a later date.  I've been playing around with toe-up socks and have taken two patterns for constructing the heel with a gussett.  I've combined the two and it has worked out very well.  I do not care for the short-row wrap and turn heel at all.

I'll probably add toe-up to my classes in the Fall.  I had great success teaching my cuff-down sock class using Magic Loop.  The students did an awesome job and everyone really enjoyed it. I really like teaching  and look forward to doing more of it.

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