Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't worry if your socks don't match exactly

Having finished my third pair of socks with varigated yarn, I know now not even to bother remembering where I began in the color sequence so that my second sock matches. I thought I had started exactly in the same spot, and my socks are still slightly mismatched. From now on, I'm going to be surprised with the finished result. They will be unique just as the person wearing them. Knitting is all about showing your creativity and you have to enjoy doing it.

So, knit on and let the yarn move you. I will be posting my own tutorial and a pattern for the Magic Loop method shortly for anyone contemplating making socks this way. For me, my double pointed needles have been put into retirement. Circular is the way to go. My own preference are the Knitpicks. Very flexible and sharp and yes, very affordable. Their yarns are awesome too. Lots of selection and prices are wonderful.

Have a fantastic knitting day!

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