Monday, March 3, 2008

So many projects and not enough time

Well, here I am again trying to do too many things at once and still have time to knit. Knitting has become my passion, my therapy, my way of dealing with stressful situations. I honestly wish I could just knit all day sometimes.

I'm sure I'm not alone. With housework, kids, husband, the dog and working, when will I ever find time to do what I really enjoy? I am a knitter from way back when, a child knitter, watching my mom and grandma create wonderful scarves, hats, blankets and shawls out a strand of yarn. Amazing, I thought and quickly learned the craft. Still amazes me that one strand of yarn and two different stitches can produce a wearable garment, like no other.

My mom and grandma did not read patterns, and I thought myself which opened up all kinds of windows. Not enough time to do it all. I just recently thought myself to knit socks, first on double pointed needles, which I almost threw in the garbage, ugh, but didn't give up. These socks came out awesome, so warm and soft. Then I took on the daunting task of trying to knit two socks at once on a circular needle. What a disaster. Even though I bought a book, I couldn't grasp the concept, gave up and finally found a pattern for one sock on one circular. Well, guess what, I'm working up my second sock. I realize now, that to knit a sock, you must first understand the anatomy of a sock. Once you know the different parts and how they are worked, the possibilities are endless. Again, too many patterns to try and not enough time.

But being the optimist I am, I already purchased a boatload of sock yarn and more needles. Positive thinking. I am planning on using all this yarn and having socks for everyone. No one will have cold feet anymore.

My kids and husband look at me and can't understand why and how I can sit for hours when I have the time and just knit. Wouldn't you compare it to watching TV for hours, which in my opinion is a total waste these days, at least I'm creating something unique with my hands.

So to all my knitting and, of course, crocheting friends (I crochet as well), keep those needles clicking and yarn unraveling.

More to come!

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