Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Some more samples of my work

Crochet blanket which I donated to a little boy in Minnesota. Another blanket for a little girl. A baby sweater hat and booties for my friend. Beret and scarf set which I sent to my sister. The crochet blanket was made in memory of my best and dearest friend and donated to the hospice that took care her. They gave back her dignity and helped her enter the Kingdom of God in peace. Sadly, she passed away after a long battle with breast cancer. Scarves, mittens and hats donated to children in need. My first ever, X-Mas stocking, in crochet.

A shawl that I knitted with ribbon yarn, another pair of socks and my sock in progress. You can now visualize what I mean about working my socks inside out.

More to come. Have a great day.

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Em said...

Could you be a little more detailed about the heel instructions, please? I'm new to socks, but have used Magic Loop for hats and mittens. I have a 48 st cuff and sock leg completed from a dpn basic sock pattern (done Magic Loop). Now I'm stuck! Any help would be appreciated, such as what do you do with the rest of your 56 st while you're making the 28 st heel flap?